Selecting the Perfect Earring

Posted by Marty Dugan on

Earrings for women just aren’t another accessory to match up with a dress. Fashion earrings can break or make a look according to the earrings you choose, your outfit, face shape, and hairstyle. For this reason, there is much more to selecting a pair of earring than simply purchasing a pair which strikes your thinking. The earrings you select should compliment your hairstyle, and face shape.

If you’ve a round face, you should stay away from the hoops or the fashion earrings which are round in shape. Ovals can be a better option for you as they would help in making your face appear long and not much round. Danglers can be another superb choice for the ones with round face. If you’ve square shaped, or angular shaped face, you can go with the earrings for women which are round, like hoops.

Consider your hairdo and hair colors

Your hair must be considered when you’ shop for earrings for girls. You should select earrings that match with your hairstyle and your hair color as well. Girls having longer hair should choose danglers while those having shorter hair can opt for hoops. Those having blonde hair look most excellent with metals which are golden colored while girls having darker hair can opt for gold or silver generally. Women having red hair look gorgeous with copper color metals.

Add to Your Body Type

All of us have a particular body type which will work most excellent with certain style of fashion earrings for girls. Taller women with long necks can wear danglers or any kind of elongated style earrings. They also can opt for wearing larger style earrings. Short women can start looking overwhelmed if the fashion earrings they wear are too big, but this is not the case always. All of it depends on the style of earrings you select and how they look when you wear them.

When you shop for earrings always consider your hair color, hairstyleComputer Technology Articles, build and face shape. Just remember that women with small faces and who are short will look best with small sized fashion earrings whereas those who are tall and with bigger face can wear the large style earrings to look more beautiful.

The colors of fashion earrings also craft a big difference as you want to select something which compliments your hair color and skin tone. Gold color metal looks most excellent with those having blonde hair and the women having darker hair can opt to wear silver or gold.