Fall Fashion Guide: 5 Things About the Color #3 Sharkskin

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1. According to New York Fashion Week and The Huffington Post this Fall 2016's #3 Color is Sharkskin

2. Sharkskin is a distinct shade of grey - encompassing the conformity and safety of traditional grey but with a sense of edge and danger associated with a shark - fierce yet calm! 

3. Mysterious - darker shades of grey are known to be extraordinary and mysterious.

4. Calm - grey is the color of strength and steadiness making a feeling that is cool and self reliant.  This color is known to alleviate you from the anxiety of a riotous world. 

5. Perfect Foundational Base - Grey's neutral appearance makes it the perfect choice of fashion designers for foundational shading.  This shade gives you a blank (grey) canvas on which to express your emotions, layer, accessorize, juxtapose and play this Season 





“This Season’s #3 Color is Shark Grey.  This shade is no surprise making the top 3 colors by Pantone, for grey has never made an exit from the Runways of Spring / Summer as well as Fall / Winter Fashion Color trends for goodness knows how many decades!
Grey’s neutral appearance makes it one of the favorite choices among fashion designers for foundational shading – giving you the perfect grey (blank) canvas upon which to express your emoptions, layer, accessorize, juxtapose and play this season.
Fall and Winter Fashion Trends are all about free expression, redefining and in some cases deconstructing conventions.  Designer’s such as Helmut Lang, Bailey, A.L.C., Tods and Dolce and Gabbana to name but a few are juxtaposing the traditional with modern, conservative with the sexy through their thoughtful, boundary deconstructing design.  We see tops in this seemingly safe and balanced color with detail such as sassy cut outs.  Now that does convey the shark of grey!
To ensure this color doesn’t leave you feeling well, too grey, pairing with the right accessories is of utmost importance.  Achieving balance is key.  To help guide you through this process I have put together 5 of my favorite looks to wear for every occasion…. Enjoy xo”

Alanya Grace

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