Fall Fashion Guide: 5 Things You Need to Know about Color #7 Lush Meadow

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5 things you need to know about Lush Meadow

1. According to The Huffington Post this Fall-Winter's #7 Color is Lush Meadow - a beautiful shade of green

2. Green is the color of balance - being made of yellow and blue - green encompasses the mental clarity of optimism of yellow, together with the emotional calm and insight of blue

3. Green is the color of stability and endurance - Wearing green can give us strength to cope with adversity 

4. Too much green can convey envy - its critical to get the right balance and pair with the right accessories to reap the emotional benefits

5. Self Love - Green is an emotionally positive color helping us foster the energy to nurture ourselves and love others unconditionally



"Growing up in Ireland my eyes were spoilt with many shades of green.   This was something I took for granted until I moved overseas.  Living in Boston and now Los Angeles I not only miss the shades of green, but also the calm they made me feel. They say you have never seen the true shade of green till your eyes have delighted on the lush pastures (meadow's) of Ireland.

This shade Lush Meadow is the color of the fields I used to enjoy each Fall, Ireland is blessed with rain all year round, but in the Autumn time, before the winter frost, the meadows are a lush velvet green.  This is the time when the land is richest and most abundant. 

It is no coincidence designers choose this shade Lush Meadow as the #7 Color for Fall and Winter 2016 Fashion Trends.  The Top 10 Colors for this season are not only visually pleasing, psychologically stimulating, emotionally enhancing but imbued with meaning.

While we may be mourning the long bright days of summer, feeling the winter blues developing, lush meadow is a reminder that this is a time of year to be savored, a time to appreciate the abundance around us.  As the lush meadow get's its beautiful color from the rain and the richness of the soil, we can take comfort true beauty comes from within.  Wearing this shade in particular helps foster feelings of positivity and self love, for us to then radiate.

This shade should have us positively and calmly approaching the holidays  - though care must be taken when pairing as too green can evoke feelings of envy. I have put together a guide for how to achieve the right harmony accessorizing ..."

Alanya Grace

It is in the most difficult moments
that we possess our greatest strength